Inside Sales Manager Job Description

An Inside Sales Manager job description should list the essential skills required for hiring an Inside Sales Manager. An inside sales recruiting initiative should include what is cited below:

Inside Sales Manager skill set should include:

  • Managing an inside sales organization
  • Determine, track, and measure metrics
  • Optimize the sales process and its components

Sample Inside Sales Manager Job Description (can be used by your inside sales recruiter):

Our company is hiring an experienced Inside Sales Manager to run and oversee the day-to-day operation of our inside sales organization including the inside sales recruiting process.

The Inside Sales Manager will capture and measure KPIs and metrics, and manage process tools, technology, and team. They will work with marketing teams, outside sales, and the CRO. Cheerleading skills are also greatly helpful in conjunction with the ability to build a high-performance sales team.


  • Inside sales recruiting skills
  • Able to write an inside sales pitch
  • Coordinate with marketing, outside sales, and innovation teams
  • Track and measure metrics
  • Configure inside sales model with revenue predictions
  • Gain market feedback on new product offerings
  • Discover the most up-to-date technology for inside sales teams

Requirements and skills

  • Proven work experience with inside sales recruiting and team building
  • CRM and predictive dialers
  • Marketing skills
  • Team player
  • Inside sales metrics management
  • BSc degree in Sales or Business Administration