Inside sales representative

Inside Sales Representative: Key Performance Data

An experienced Director of Inside Sales will track data to determine progress against weekly, monthly and quarterly revenue goals, predict performance, and adjust objectives. Some of these metrics include:

  1. Sales performance against quota
  2. New pipeline
  3. Activities (calls made, emails sent, etc…)
  4. Close rate
  5. Average deal size
  6. Revenue per sale
  7. Lifetime value of customer
  8. Cost of sale

When hiring an inside sales job description may or may not include these metrics as hiring criteria. A company's hiring team will determine what is most suitable for the inside sales recruitment process.
An inside sales job may have different performance metrics depending on the economic model of the sales organization.
The inside sales salary offered by a company is often tied to the metrics sited above.
A savvy inside sales recruiter will ask candidates about these numbers.