Sales Development Reps (SDRs) play a critical part in the overall sales process yet it’s one of the most difficult roles to recruit for. It’s often an entry-level position and past sales metrics are not available as a predictor of future performance. Interviewing and recruiting SDR candidates with little or no experience requires looking for other characteristics and traits in a candidate. Here are some suggestions of what to look for:

1. Curious
SDRs who are curious are motivated to learn. They seek new learning and better ways to accomplish things. They will never be happy with the status quo.
A curious SDR candidate will have done the homework for you and your company prior to their interview.
2. Open to ongoing training
Great SDRs are perpetual students. They seek ongoing training of all types and look to improve continuously. The opposite traits are a red flag to not hire.

3. Likes to be part of a team
Look for clues outside of work experience that the SDR you are hiring likes to be a team player. Are they part of a soccer, bowling, or softball team?
 4. Organizational skills
Hiring SDRs with good organizational skills is critical for being and staying productive. Time and task management skills are critical.
5. Character
Does the person you are recruiting call you back promptly, return texts and emails, and do what they say they would do? These do not skill sets but rather character traits.
6. Perseverance
Being an SDR is pure grunt work. Perseverance is a key factor in success or failure. Perseverance is not a skill it’s a personality trait.
7. Grit
You know grit when you see it. An SDR who makes 100 calls per day every day has grit. When recruiting and SDR ask them why they feel they have the grit factor. ( Hint: look for adversity and how it was overcome).