The COVID-19 pandemic created a shift to remote work for inside sales teams.
In a recent Gallup survey, 52% of workers who prefer remote work listed commuting as the number one reason for not returning to work. According to a recent Wall Street Journal article, a long commute is the worst part of daily life and workers want to avoid it.

As inside sales recruiters, we hear from nearly every candidate that they will only accept a remote role and many are willing to accept a lower salary as long as they can work from home.
The anti-commute phenomenon is global and cuts across all industries.

Currently, the price of gas is at a record high and the cost of driving to work is another factor inside sales professionals consider when offered a new role. Flexibility and well-being are also reasons why inside sales reps want to work from home.

Companies who insist on having an inside sales team on-site will have higher and longer recruiting costs, lowered chances of hiring top talent, and less chance of hitting revenue goals.