Building an inside team has changed. The demand for inside sales talent has never been higher. As such, inside sales recruiting initiatives must align with market conditions.

Designing an inside sales recruitment campaign involves:

  • Looking at the total number of inside sales jobs in your city, state, and sector
  • Reviewing compensation from competitors
  • Checking to see the number of available candidates (how big is the candidate pool)

Inside sales staffing requires the simultaneous deployment of recruiting ads, inside sales recruiting emails, phone calls, texts and sourcing efforts.

Here are seven common mistakes any inside sales recruiter should avoid:

1) Paying below the market value
2) Waiting too long to contact candidates
3) Having a long application process
4) Conducting too many interviews with too many people
5) Waiting too long between interviews
6) Waiting too long to send an offer letter
7) Not understanding the power of presenting a strong benefits plan especially PTO

Having an understanding of these variables will help any inside sales recruiter attract, hire and retain the best inside sales talent.