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How To Use Inside Sales To Win New Customers And Generate Cash Flow For Your Business

By Joe Culotta, President, Inside Sales Staff

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A business is not a business without paying customers. You have to be able to get a customer. Consider the notion “Sales will take care of everything”.   A critical consideration for any company is “ How will I consistently win new customers that generate cash flow for my business”.

The digital era has raised noise marketing levels to unprecedented highs, lowered barriers to entering new markets, and made competition brutal.

How does one compete in this context? One answer is to circumvent the noise by engaging a prospective customer in a one on one conversation in which you deliver your value proposition. Inside sales is a tool that enables you to do that.


Here’s What You Will Discover In This Inside Sales Recruiting Seminar:


  • Why pitching your product, service, or idea to hundreds of companies most likely to buy what you sell is a certain approach to winning new customers and revenue.
  • Inside sales is the  great equalizer – it will allow you to compete with competitors with more resources, bigger ad budgets, better websites, and ongoing marketing initiatives.
  • Posting Facebook pictures of company employees in a potato sack race at the summer picnic is not a viable long-term client acquisition strategy.
  • How use inside sales as an engine to drive new customers sales.
  • 5 reason why companies are now adopting inside sales models and why inside sales recruiting plays an integral part.
  • How technology and a workforce largely comprised of Millennials has changed the way buyers buy and sellers sell. (The day of the 3 Martini sales lunch is a relic of the past.)
  • Why inside sales is the Swiss Army Knife of sales and marketing.


Speaker Bio


Joe Culotta understands what it is to be an entrepreneur. He started his first inside sales  company at the age of 25, built it, and sold it to an Inc. 500 company. His  provided a variety of inside sales services for clients that included IBM, Oracle, Four Seasons Hotel, Greenbrier, American Medical Association, General Electric, Merchandise Mart and other notable companies. He is currently President of Inside Sales Staff, a firm that builds inside sales teams and is widely considered the world’s leading inside sales recruiting agency.