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Inside Sales Recruiter Insights

By Joe Culotta, President, Inside Sales Staff

Inside sales recruiting is not for the feint of heart. Record low unemployment in combination with more inside sales jobs than people makes it difficult to attract and hire inside sales talent.

Here are a few inside sales recruiting tips:

  • Be sure the compensation plan you offer for your inside sale role is at or above market standards.
  • Avoid a long, drawn out inside sales recruiting process.
  • Make sure your ads are SEO optimized so the job search engines find them and post them high up in search results.
  • Call back candidates who reply to your ads within 12 hours of resume receipt.
  • Email candidates who apply within 12 hours of receiving their application.
  • Think about using video for your inside sales recruiting initiatives.
  • Design your company inside sales recruiting process if possible to allow for group interviews of candidates to help expedite your hiring process.

The job of an inside sales recruiter is not an easy one as most HR and talent acquisition professionals are working to fill many roles outside of inside sales.

Implementing one or all the above recommendations will help your “out recruit” other companies vying for the same talented person you are seeking.