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What Every Inside Sales Recruiter Should Know About Inside Sales Recruiting

By Joe Culotta, President, Inside Sales Staff

Today there are more inside sales jobs than there are people to fill them.

If your inside sales recruiting strategy ignores this market reality you undoubtedly lose out to companies with an inside sales recruiting strategy that is in step with today’s market conditions.

Here are a few facts any inside sales recruiter should know:

  • Candidates will be almost instantly contacted by multiple hiring companies by phone, email, and text.
  • The quicker you can bring in a candidate the better.
  • Your inside sales recruiting process should be fast and easy.
  • If the compensation plan is at or below market vales you will struggle to hire.
  • An inside sales recruiter ideally will have a good understanding of how and when commissions are paid.
  • Inside sales candidates will decline offers that are to close to what they currently earn and will typically seek at least a $10,000 increase.

Inside sales recruiting is harder now than ever. The combination of record-low unemployment in combination with the growth of inside sales makes the job of an inside sales recruiter difficult. The above insights will help.