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Inside Sales Recruiting Problems And What To Do About Them

By Joe Culotta, President, Inside Sales Staff

As companies begin recruiting inside talent they often are surprised by the difficulty involved.

The amount of time, energy, and resources involved can blindside the uninitiated.

Here is what is happening in today’s hiring environment that will impede inside sales recruiting efforts:

1) There are more inside sales jobs than there are people to fill them. The widespread and rapid adoption of the inside sales model has created a big imbalance between supply and demand. Need proof? Go to, type in inside sales jobs in your city and look at the number of jobs. Then ask yourself the obvious, are there 2700 inside sales people looking for jobs right now in my city? Your inside sales recruiter must develop and deploy a strategy around these market factors.

2) Unemployment is at a historic low. Combine what is above with this fact and inside sales recruiting problems become amplified.

3) Your location can hurt you. Certain companies have undesirable locations to attract and retain inside sales talent. If location is hurting you consider using a remote team or find satellite offices in an easy to get to location. Make sure public transportation and/or parking is readily available.

To be able to attract, hire, and retain inside sales talent in today’s brutally competitive market a company’s inside sales recruiter must develop and deploy a recruiting strategy designed around market factors described.