An inside sales team can take on many configurations. Often times the entire inside sales organization reports to the VP Of Sales. Some inside sales models will have specialists ( by industry, product, etc.). This article will present in an oversimplified way how inside sales teams are built and what to consider during the inside sales recruiting process.

This model is a typical inside sales team structure.


VP Sales

Inside Sales Director

Business Development                                          Rep Sales Development                                      Account Executive



As inside sales recruiters we see companies restricted by semantics. A B2B appointment setter
regardless of who the meeting is for ( outside or a senior inside sales rep) can be called a business development rep or a sales development rep. It is the skill set, aptitude, and experience that should define the role not the job title.

During the inside sales recruiting process ask yourself where and how a potential hire will fit in the inside sales team and how will they contribute to driving the overall inside sales process.