Seven Questions To Ask An Inside Sales Staffing Agency Before You Hire Them


Inside sales is one of the important revenue generation departments in a company.
The stakes are high and missteps can prevent a company from reaching goals and visions.
As companies hire inside sales talent they will use internal or external inside sales recruiters.
Here are seven questions to flush out a real inside sales staffing agency or inside sales recruiter before you hire them:

1) How long have you been an inside sale recruiter or worked at an inside sales staffing agency? (Look for a minimum of 5-7 years).

2) Have you ever placed an inside sales leader? Please provide 3 examples.

3) What do you know about the business of inside sales, that is, what’s important about building an inside sales organization? What are the most critical components of an inside sales organization?

4) What are the different types of inside sales models and what kind of skills and aptitudes are required for each model?

5) What are the compensation values for the person we want to hire? Based on our industry and location?

6) Have you written any white papers or articles on inside sales recruitment?

7) How many companies have you provided inside sales staffing services to?

There are many recruiters who claim to have knowledge of inside sales recruiting and hiring inside sales talent, and the above questions will allow you to determine if that is really true.