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How To Retain Top Inside Sales Talent

By Joe Culotta, President, Inside Sales Staff

Retain your best performers and reduce costly turnover

Paying your inside sales team competitive salaries and commissions is just one component of retention.
Inside sales is hard, unglamorous work. If you want to keep your people we recommend:

• Provide them with a proven process, sales tools, and infrastructure.
• Have a clear career path in place so that individuals know they can progress within the department and company.
• Give them ongoing support and training they need to be successful.
• Make them happy and motivated with extras such as paid time off, pizza parties, bonuses, travel incentives, merchandise gifts, recognition awards and other goodies.
• Keep toxicity out of your group. Make it fun. Keep it light.
• Spoil them in any way and every way you can, as often as you can.

Another perk people value is a short commute. Consider setting up a branch sales office in an urban area to attract talent; we know of several companies that have set up remote offices for inside sales reps. Many people, especially highly sought after Millennials, don’t like long commutes.