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Seven Questions To Ask An Inside Sales Recruiter Before Hiring Them

By Joe Culotta, President, Inside Sales Staff

In today’s hyper competitive inside sales hiring market only a highly skilled and experienced inside sales recruiter has a chance of being successful.

Advanced recruiting tools, an existing network of contacts, and deep inside sales industry experience are a must.

Here are seven questions to ask any inside sales recruiter who claims to have expertise in this arena:

1. How long have you been an inside sales recruiter?

Look for at least 10-15 years of experience.

2. How many inside sales roles, and what positions have you filled?

Look for someone with a wide breadth of clients. Be certain the recruiter has placed people at the rep level and VP Inside Sales level and all roles in between.

3. How many resumes in your database?

That number should be at least 20,000 across the USA.

4. Do you work on filling other roles?

It is impossible for a general sales recruiter to compete in expertise with an inside sales recruiting agency that specializes in that arena. Find a specialist.

5. How many white papers have you written?

If someone really does specialize in this arena they will have written multiple white papers.

6. Have you ever run an inside sales team?

A world class recruiter will know as much or more than any VP of Inside Sales about building and retaining a team.

7. What do you know about compensation?

For a company to be viable an inside sales recruiter must know compensation by job title, industry, and geographic location.


Inside sales recruiting is a zero sum game. The best recruiter will win.

Ask the above questions before choosing an inside sales recruiting company